Life[style]: November


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This month, Texas experienced its first Arctic cold front of the season and baby, it was cold outside!  I loved our temps in the 30s & 40s, actually…finally got to wear my chic new winter coat and bust-out my cozy fall sweaters.  Here are some other highlights of November that are brightening my holiday season:

1.  Friendsgiving hostess gifts:  The weekend before last was my baby shower in Houston and the trip marked the last time I’m leaving Austin before baby arrives.  Unfortunately, that means no traveling to family for the holidays!  :(  Not having Thanksgiving dinner with our parents will be different, but different can be good, right?  Thankfully, we were invited to attend a ‘Friendsgiving’ on Thanksgiving Day in Austin, so we wont be all alone.  Ryan is planning to bring along a bottle of Cab Franc from one of his favorite vineyards, Trefethen.  I’m gifting our hostess with my new go-to teacher/nurse/hostess/thank you gift:  the Monogram Mug from Anthropologie.  At just $8, not only is this little token of appreciation budget-friendly, but it’s personalized, multi-use, and goes with almost every decor.  Plus, every lady loves to unwrap a little something from Anthro, right?  I appreciate that they’re great given alone or you can personalize it further by filling it with other fun trinkets the recipient would enjoy.  I like to think of it like a modern, mini gift basket…and everyone is gaga over all-things monogrammed these days.  Bonus: for a couple bucks more, snag one of the limited edition versions in GOLD — so pretty for the holidays!hostess gifts: Trefethen cab and monogram mug

2.  Styling the bump:  A cute part of the weather change is that my baby bump is really starting to show and it’s so fun dressing it up for the season!  I’m soaking up the love from strangers I meet…now that I finally really look pregnant, it’s heartwarming to hear the compliments & well wishes for our little one.  Ryan took these photos of me during our Babymoon in Half Moon Bay, CA.  SkinnyTees basic tank review

I wanted to share that a valuable layering piece I’m wearing underneath both of these looks is my basic white tank sent to me by SkinnyTees.  SkinnyTees offers a collection of seamless tanks, tees, tops, skirts, dresses, bandeaus, leggings and active wear and their products are perfect for that in-between period during and post-pregnancy.  With plenty of material to cover the entire bump, there’s no rolling or riding up here!  Previously, I was living in my Shimera 2-way Seamless Tanks from Nordstrom but for now, the SkinnyTees seamless tank wins out due to the longer length and flattering cut.  seamless tank by SkinnyTees review

2.  Delice:  Arriving exclusively in Texas and Florida this month, this brand new bubbly from the sparkling experts at Chandon won’t be available nationally until February 2015.  Described as crisp & refreshing, they recommend it on its own or in a spritz over ice with a fresh garnish like mint, grapefruit or cucumber.  I was one of the first to receive a bottle of this debut cuvee — while it’ll be awhile before I can enjoy a glass or two myself, I was thrilled to be gifted with a bottle of champs whose name means ‘Delicious’ in French…perfect for Blog Joie de Vivre, no?  Cheers, y’all and Happy Thanksgiving! Delice by Chandon



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I was delighted to recently receive an invitation to a special dinner just for Austin bloggers hosted by Birchbox.  Last night, we gathered at West 6th restaurant Arro for a wonderful evening of dinner and drinks.  The girls of Birchbox treated a curated list of their favorite ATX bloggers & editors –their words, not mine. :)  …and yes, I was beyond flattered to hear that!–  to a wonderful evening of dining and networking.  I’m thrilled to have met & made live connections with some of my local social media pals, especially the girls from and wardrobe stylist Cristina Facundo (& Sara, her sister and local PR maven).  Additionally, I was proud to see that I was included in the company of Austin-based lifestyle blogging queen, Camille Styles.

My table buddies, Sara Facundo and Meredith Davis

Me with my table buddies, Sara Facundo and Meredith Davis

Our NYC-based hostesses pulled out all the stops:  we were served a welcome cocktail (or in my case, a fun mocktail), passed apps, charcuterie board, salad, and choice of entree & dessert.  I must mention that locally-owned French-casual favorite Arro never disappoints, so their choice of venue definitely solidified the fabulousity of our evening.  The place settings were personalized, the tablescape was adorned with cheerful floral arrangements, and obvi we were all giddy for the goody bags…filled with our own Birchbox, of course!Place setting at Arro for blogger dinner hosted by Birchbox

If the same amount of detail & attention goes into each Birchbox as they put into this dinner, then I’m certainly impressed!  In fact, I learned they have a huge testing culture, making sure every product that makes it into a Birchbox is tried & approved.  Oh, and if you’ve never heard of the concept, it’s pretty innovative:  for $10/month, you get monthly deliveries of personalized beauty, grooming, and lifestyle samples, tailored to your own profile.  You get exposure to try cult brands, up-and-coming lines, and their beauty bestsellers.  I could see their subscription service working really well for new moms, college girls, and transplants to a new city –it takes TIME to find the good beauty stores & trusted make-up artists, y’all!  For now, I’m inspired to go through my cosmetics bag and update it for Fall/Winter 2014 with the fresh fun products found inside my new Birchbox!


Life[style]: October


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Hope everyone had a lovely Fall weekend!  Blogging today from the shores of Lake Conroe at the La Torretta Resort.  On Friday morning, I had to take the dreaded 3-hour long glucose test (pregnancy-related test to check for gestational diabetes), so it was such a welcomed escape to jump in the car for a little staycation escape over the weekend.

1.  La Torretta Lake Resort & Spa:  Located about an hour north of Houston & 2.5 hours east of Austin, this Lake Conroe resort offers a ton of amenities at a great price.  Upon check-in, we received one of their Lake View Suites on the 17th floor — what a splendid view of the waterpark & lake!View from the Lake View Suites at La Torretta Lake Resort & Spa

Our first evening was enjoyed exploring the resort grounds…they have just about everything you could want in a vacation property.  My favorite features are their lazy river, room views, and lakeside location; Ryan is happy with the ESPN in HD, hot tub, and on-site dining options.  Our first night, we had dinner at their flagship restaurant, Lakeside Restaurant & Bar…we recommend the Spinach & Artichoke Dip appetizer and housemade cheesecake for dessert.  Saturday night was spent at the sushi bar watching the MLB World Series –Go Royals!– over a delish Philly Roll.  Finally, we capped off our evening at the lively piano bar for a little live music and people watching.

Part of me wishes we would’ve at least gotten out on the lake/rented a jetski or something, but between packing boxes for our upcoming move & all my pregnancy appointments back home, simply taking it easy and never leaving the resort property was exactly what we needed.  You can’t really tell so much from their web site, but the fitness center is huge and we were impressed with the variety of workout rooms & equipment options at our fingertips.  A good workout, soaking up a little sunshine, springing for room service, and a nice nap will do wonders for the soul, I tell ya.Sunset at La Torretta Lake Resort & Spa

2.  Organic Muscle Milk:  Being pregnant, my husband is always pushing for me to get more protein…he wants that baby to GROW! :)  Because their organic line is newly launched, I recently received a complimentary shipment of 2 four-pack cartons, one chocolate and one vanilla.  Besides endorsing this drink as a great way for me to get in those grams of muscle-building protein, the hubs loves this stuff too.  He gulped down both flavors eagerly, going for them as a breakfast on-the-go, post-workout protein supplement, and ‘just because’ as an afternoon snack…goes without saying, I had trouble keeping them stocked in the refrigerator.

I’m usually a chocolate girl but the vanilla is hands-down my favorite.  I had one of those crummy-feeling days a couple weeks ago, full of pregnancy symptoms like headache, nausea, and all-around lack of energy…was contemplating cancelling my afternoon beauty appt. just becuase I didn’t want to leave the bed.  After some self-coaching (get up! you can do it!), I peeled myself up and drank a muscle milk during the drive there.  –Must’ve been exactly what the doctor ordered, becuase I felt energized after finishing it and the delish vanilla flavor made me feel like I was treating myself to a milkshake!

Being organic is a game changer for me on these drinks, too.  I don’t know of many protein shakes that taste as good (especially while containing as much protein) while maintaing that USDA Organic stamp of approval.  Plus, they are low fat, low cholesterol and sweetened with organic cane sugar and organic stevia.  You can try Muscle Milk Organic Vanilla Protein Shakes at Target.

3.  Mustela:  I’m 29 weeks along now and among other pregnancy concerns, I’m in full-on stretch mark prevention mode.  The baby is estimated to weigh about 3 pounds at this point and is expected to triple in size during the third trimester!  Although my preg-o belly has been pretty small-ish so far, I know this bump is primed to really pop in the coming months.  My mom says she used olive oil to prevent stretch marks and I think I’ll follow her natural oil-based lead by experimenting with my organic coconut oil from Whole Foods.  Mostly, though I’m leaning on a stretch mark prevention cream by Mustela.  It’s a little pricey at just under $50, but I got mine with a 20% of coupon at buy buy BABY.  This one seems to be the most reputable:  successful in clinical trials, legit sounding active ingredients, and Paraben/Phthalate-free.  It’s worked so far…not a single stretch mark yet (fingers crossed my skin stays that way!)Mustela stretch mark prevention cream review

Surprise! It’s a…


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Last weekend, my husband and I threw a Ba-By-Q to celebrate the news of our pregnancy with our Texas friends & family.  Never heard of a “Ba-By-Q”?  –Think co-ed baby shower meets afternoon barbecue.  Since it was too soon to call it a baby shower, we deemed it a combo Diaper Party and Gender Reveal.  A Diapers & Dudes / Burgers, Beers & Baby kinda thing.  –I have Pinterest to thank for the idea, of course!  (If you’re on Pinterest too, I’d love to swap ideas…follow me here.)  It was just our luck that my in-laws rented out a casita at the UT Golf Club as their lodging for the occasion and they agreed to allow us to host the party out there.  The space was the perfect place to gather and we loved our weekend out in the hill country.Ba-By-Q Gender Reveal Party theme ideas

Since we would be revealing the sex of Baby Wiese to both our parents during the event, I wanted to create a comfortable atmosphere for guys and girls alike.  I feel like gender reveal parties can easily get a bit of a vanilla-sweet ladies lunch vibe, so I kept the day casual by serving sliders, hot dogs & cold beers.  But, it all had a tie-in with the theme:  the beer chest had a chalkboard “Huggies and Chuggies” sign and the white wine was labeled “Pampers and Pinot.”  Oh, and I couldn’t resist these Barefoot wines with their tiny baby foot imprints on pink & blue labels!Gender Reveal party ideas:  white wine with tiny baby feet on pink & blue labels

Although it was a grill-out, we kept it upscale by serving all organic foods & sodas, i.e. sliders were made of grass-fed, pasture-raised organic lean beef and the hot dogs were humanely raised uncured beef, made with no antibiotics or preservatives.  A rainbow of organic chopped fruit was served kabob-style and rather than a traditional sheet cake, dessert was comprised of mini bundt cakes (cupcake size) in a variety of flavors.  Have y’all tried Nothing Bundt Cakes?  –OMG, so good and moist!  I opted for three dozen of their little “Bundtinis” in chocolate/chocolate chip, red velvet (everyone’s favorite), white chocolate raspberry, and lemon.Baby Gender Reveal Party with mini cupcakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes

Now, for the highlight of the evening:  the big reveal!  We had our friends “Cast Your Vote and Wear It’ by signing a black foam board w/ chalk markers and don a boy or girl lanyard made of a cute little pink or blue lucite charm strung with matching baker’s twine.  Additionally, I drew up a board of clues to help everyone narrow it down…Clue Board for Gender Reveal Party

So…any guesses?!?  The “Old Wive’s Tales” where the responses would indicate boy are written in blue, and girl are obviously in pink.  As you can see, that gaggle of ol’ wives would predict we’re having a BOY.  To keep things interesting, I came up with a way for our voters to get some skin in the game:  I knew that after the reveal we’d be doing a champagne toast, so those who guessed correctly got to cheers with Moet & Chandon champagne from France…those who guessed wrong got Korbel sparking white wine from Cali. ;)

As to how the actual reveal would be done, I definitely did my research to find something new.  I’ve seen the cake-batter reveal (kinda anti-climactic, honestly) and the whole ‘releasing a box of balloons’ thing can easily go haywire (the balloons don’t always cooperate the way you hope ‘em to), so I settled on the balloon-pop idea.  Each set of Grandparents-to-Be got one opaque black balloon filled with either pink or blue confetti.  This way, each of our parents found out at the exact same time and the popping of the balloon visually revealed baby’s gender in a nice ‘Surprise!’ way to our guests.  Gotta say, it went over so well…our dads held the balloon steady while our mothers popped it with a toothpick on the count of three, and the silk rose petals I had placed inside flew into the air and fluttered slowly to the ground.  It was a complete shock to our parents and so much fun to see the excitement on their faces when they found out their future grandchild is a… Baby Gender Reveal Party:  balloon pop with confetti idea


Big thanks to those who flew in from out of state, who drove in from Houston, and to all who came out to Steiner Ranch for the party.  It was such a memorable day for our family and I am thankful to share it with each of you.

Pregnancy Announcement Photo Session, part two


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More maternity pics from our shoot with Laura Vogt Photography

I first felt the baby move at 18 weeks and now feel it moving around all the time.  Both my husband and my mother have felt Baby Wiese’s little kicks, too.  We find out the sex in just a few days!  Gender Reveal Party is in Austin on Sept. 6th.

Pregnancy Announcement PhotographyPregnancy Announcement PhotographyPregnancy Announcement Photography Pregnancy Announcement Photography Pregnancy Announcement Photography Pregnancy Announcement Photography

Pregnancy Announcement Photo Session, part one


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Now that we’ve officially announced the pregnancy, I thought I’d share some highlights from our pregnancy announcement photo session.  We were so lucky to be vacationing in the picturesque setting of North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains at the same time as my Sister-in-Law, a talented photographer based in Tulsa, OK.  Laura of Laura Vogt Photography specializes in engagement, wedding, and boudoir photos with an ethereal, soft, romantic quality about them.  She does a lot of outdoor shoots in fields of flowers at sunset, beautifully capturing ‘golden hour’ to give her photographs the essence of a fairy tale.  She graciously took time out of her holiday to shoot some 800+ shots of us, which came out to one click every four seconds!  I’ve narrowed down my favorites and although totally unedited, they truly capture how I’m feeling right now.Pregnancy Announcement Photo Pregnancy Announcement #2 Pregnancy Announcement #3 Pregnancy Announcement #4 Pregnancy Announcement #5 Pregnancy Announcement #6


My picks for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


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My favorite sale of the entire year is here!  The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is now open to the public!  I look forward to this sale because rather than a typical end-of-season clearance, they actually reduce the new fall stuff in advance and then prices go back up to normal later.  I pour over the catalog when it arrives in the mail and always pre-shop in advance of the “Early Access” I get as a cardholder.  There’s always fabulous deals in all the departments so I make sure to look at everything, from shoes to cosmetics.  Here are a few of the things I purchased from this year’s sale and why:

My picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

(clockwise from top left)

1.  Kendra Scott “Elle” Drop Earrings:  The smaller, lighter, (and in my opinion, more wearable) little sister to Kendra Scott’s original “Danielle” style, these earrings give you that classic KS silhouette in the bold colors we all love.  Because I’m wearing a lot of melon (pastel orange) this summer and that I always wear a ton of both bright & burnt orange in the fall, I chose them in Orange Cat’s Eye but they come in a handful of other beautiful fall colors, too.  Sale: $33.90 — After Sale: $52.00

2.  rag & bone “Newbury Bootie:  Footwear favorites of Jessica Alba & Reese Witherspoon, I’ve had my eye on these boots for awhile now.  However, the $500+ price tag has kept me watching & waiting for them to go on sale.  Once I saw them –for nearly $200 off!– in the preview catalog, I immediately put them on my shopping list!  This style from rag & bone has been around for a few years now, but that just proves classic reliability and that they’ll be stylish for years to come.  They’ve got a heel to ‘em but are so comfortable AND are featured in a cool distressed/crackled suede.  This is my most exciting find from the sale.  Sale: $359.90 — After Sale: $550.00

3.  Nike “Free TR Connect 2″ Training Shoe:  If you need new gym shoes, this is the perfect time to nab some fresh new kicks at a great price.  I usually wait to get my athletic shows at Nordstrom Rack, but I had to jump on this super-fun color pattern.  They call it “Black/Grey” but I call it Snow Leopard.  I’m loving all the latest leopard print shoes popping up in various styles but also feeling a more subtle, classic black & white footwear look.  –These shoes are the prefect combination of both.  Besides looking cute in the gym, I’ll also be pairing them with black leggings & a long cardi to run errands around town.  Sale: $72.90 — After Sale: $110.00

4.  Chantelle Intimates “Basic Invisible” Memory Foam T-Shirt Bra:  Two things:  1.) I’m getting crazy irritated noticing bra lines under my shirts and 2.) I really need full coverage these days, rather than my old demi push-ups.  I had an Oprah-like ‘ah-ha’ moment during my first visit to Nordstrom’s Bra Specialists:  she found I was wearing the wrong size all around…both the cup size and my measurement number was off!  These comfy, full coverage bras by Chantelle are a dream to wear — no nip slips here!  I usually don’t buy two of the same bra at once, but I couldn’t help but take home the Light Pink and Toffee colors.  Sale: $45.90 — After Sale: $69.00

5.  Lush ‘Perfect’ Tunic Henley (Juniors):  This simple tunic top has an ultra-flattering cut while still providing booty coverage.  Perfect with leggings & boots in the Fall!  Sale: $28.90 — After Sale: $44.00

6.  The Honest Company Baby Arrival Gift Set:  These Honest Co. products seem to be all-the-rage in babyland, no?  This gift set is a good value at the Anniversary Sale price and is an economical way to try-out the product line-up.  Plus, I feel like gift sets are an easy way to make sure Mom has a nice selection of what she needs, all wrapped up in a nice bundle package.  –The perfect Baby Shower gift!  Sale: $32.90 — After Sale: $49.95

7.  BP. High Waist Seamed Moto Leggings (Juniors):  These bottoms boast an interesting ‘moto’ gathering on the front thigh and an extra seaming detail around the knee.  These textural elements, combined with their unique washed-out coloring, sets this pair apart from your regular everyday leggings.  They are cut for teens (translation:  they run small) so if you don’t get to try them on in-person, I recommend sizing-up.  Sale: $24.90 — After Sale: $38.00

Life[style]: Summertime


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Have y’all been having a great summer so far?  Our May was full of milestones, celebrations, & big changes in the works for us.  First, came a Cinco de Mayo I’ll never forget, an equally memorable Mother’s Day, then our six-year wedding anniversary on May 25th.  June is such a fun month for me, too:  it’s my birth month AND the official start to summer!  As for July, I’ve got plans for a couple visits out to the East Coast in the works.  I’ll get to catch up with family in Richmond, VA next week, and the hubs & I looking forward to our annual visit to his parents’ place in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains at the end of the month.  What trips do YOU have planned for this summer?  To help me survive this long, hot season I like to find new products & practices specially designed to help me beat the heat, so here goes:

1.  Bronzing Lotion:  Even during winter, I use a bronzing lotion on my legs after every shave.  Not the old-school bronzer that was just for color and had problems with streaks & orangey-effect, I’m talking about the new crop of body lotions with a touch of bronzer included in their formula.  I’ve tried several brands over the years and really covet the all-in-one types:  moisturizing, bronzing AND firming.  Usually the firming aspect of that trifecta is unnoticeable, though, and I’ve almost abandoned the idea of a topical cream actually being able to help me out in that department.  Well ladies, I’ve found one that actually works:  “Lipo Bronze” by Fake Bake.  Deemed a “self-tan lotion with anti-cellulite,” it promises a luxurious golden bronze & easy application, all while firming and toning.  Sounds a little too good to be true, but this is actually the most effective firming cream I’ve tried…and I’ve tried a lot of ‘em, honey!  Lackluster to absolutely no results were seen from my experience using Jergens Natural Glow Daily Firming Moisturizer as well as both bliss fat girl slim & fat girl sleep.  Now, this one’s not a miracle cream, but I was pleasantly surprised when my application of Lipo Bronze served up just enough of a result to step out in confidence in shorts at the first sign of summer.  I’ve gotten to where I have to put it on any day I’m wearing shorts or a bathing suit.  Not only does it moisturize adequately (not too much, but just enough), carry a nice color to it, but it actually reduces the appearance of my cellulite!  –Seriously.  It’s an effective, awesome product that actually does what it says it’ll do — y’all gotta try it!  Anti-cellulite cream the actually works:  Lipo Bronze by Fake Bake


2.  New arm candy:  This year, my husband was out of town on business over my birthday so he graciously agreed to fly my Mother into Austin to celebrate with me in his place.  Us two girls had a fun time running around the city together:  a pre-birthday celebration at Fleming’s, a surprise invite to a fabulous 4-course dinner & Republic Tequila tasting at Cantina Laredo, a stop by the Kendra Scott flagship store for their regular Wednesday evening “Girl’s Night Out,” and more.  Mother loved KS and not only let me pick out a piece from the new Atlantic Collection as my birthday present, but she found a pair of earrings for herself, too!  (Btw, I take such delight in introducing our out of town guests to Kendra Scott jewels…they are immediately hooked, usually buy a small starter piece on the spot & then find themselves wanting to add more to their collection not even a week after they’ve left!  Since her visit, Mother’s already made it out to the Rice Village location in Houston for a necklace to match her earrings.)  Anyway, I chose a beautiful bracelet –the Ailee Bracelet-- in Abalone as my 32nd birthday gift.  I went with this style because I have small wrists and most of her bracelets fall right off my hand –it’s tough, too, because I’m a bracelet girl–  so when I found one that fit, I pounced!  Plus, all those natural varietal hues in the abalone shell made me feel like this will be a piece that can go with many MANY colors & styles in my closet.  The stones in this collection are supposed to “radiate the beauty of the sea” and with all that the ocean means to my family, it’s just so perfect.  My birthday present:  the Ailee Link Bracelet from Kendra Scott's Atlantic Collection


3.  A little something indulgent:  Last week I received a fresh summer trim from my favorite “hair doctor,” Juan at Ron King Salon.  He’s so fabulous and his color artistry created a loyal client out of me.  (More on his amazing balayage to come!)  His well-educated advice and attentive care toward my mane inspired me to treat myself further so I asked him to recommend a single ‘holy grail’ hair product for me to take home.  I’m so tired of having a shelf full of mediocre hair products, so I picked his brain on a must-have product suggestion.  His immediate answer:  Shu Uemura’s Essence Absolue.  I’ll admit, the price tag was a little hard to shallow…the product cost more than the haircut!  But, I was out of Moroccan Oil, was feeling a little indulgent, and figured that one pricey product that’s actually nourishing & effective is worth three or four of those so-so hair elixirs currently collecting dust in my cabinet.  Speaking of Moroccan Oil, I’ve used it regularly for a couple years now but found myself looking for something new & was considering one of those new “dry” oils popping up in stores.  Essence Absolue is actually made of Camellia Oil, providing such a light finish that absorbs right away.  After a week of use, I absolutely love it, apply it on both wet & dry hair, and can really see a difference after I put it in.  It stays out on my bathroom counter, too — I kinda just like to look at it…it reminds me to feel good that I allowed myself to invest in something of the highest quality.  Sometimes I get a little buyers remorse after spending so much on a beauty product, but with this one I feel no guilt…nothing but indulgent affirmation.  A little something indulgent for my hair:  Shu Uemura's Essence Absolue

Mother’s Day recap + Lands’ End Performance collection review


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I fortunately got to celebrate with my mom twice this month:  first, during an early Mother’s Day visit hosting her for a few days here in Austin, and then we got to surprise her with an impromptu visit back home on the actual holiday.  I love that no matter how old I get, I always cherish when Mother can come to the rescue as nurse, soul food chef, and occasional housekeeper.  I don’t mean to call her a maid, but my mom has some kinda knack for cleaning certain things around the house better than I ever could.  The flip side of that coin is she also has a knack for pointing out say, dust bunnies hiding behind the door of our guest bedroom…uh, THANKS for bringing that to my attention, Mother.  But, she showed me how she heats a bowl of tap water to steam up the inside of the microwave first, therefore making it easier to wipe away nuked residue.  In showing me this trick she thoroughly cleaned my microwave…thanks, Mom! :)

Serendipitously (for reasons I’ll explain), a few weeks ago I received some fresh fitness attire to review from Lands’ End.  Did you know they now make Activewear?  I remember this brand from years ago…their catalogs showcasing mix & match bathing suits to fit every shape, size, and color preference.  Well, they offer so much more than swimwear nowadays, and I was happy to get to try out some sample pieces from the debut Lands’ End Performance collection in the gym.  I received the 1.) Regular Performance Sport Crop Pants in Black 2.) Performance Colorblock Tank Top in Soft Pink Painted Stripe, and 3.) Solid Med-High Impact Performance Sports Bra in Black.Review of Lands' End new Performance Collection

Pants:  These workout pants are smoothing, supportive and most of all, SO SOFT!  The wide-leg, capri cut wasn’t great on my chicken legs…I usually go for full-length yoga pants or fitted legging-style crops.  The pockets are a huge plus, though — there’s a hidden zip pocket and a pocket for your iPhone in the back.

Top:  I loved the length…nice and long.  Great bright colors.  Super breathable and lightweight without clinging to my skin.  SIZE DOWN because it runs large and the armholes & silhouette were a little wide for my frame.

Sports Bra:  A flattering, quality piece!  Adore the individual molded cups for “the girls.”  My other beloved high-imapct sports bra by Moving Comfort definitely works, but it is in no way wearable post-workout due to the compression factor.  This sports bra by Lands’ End is comfortable enough to wear both running errands and around the house.

Overall:  The fabrics are fabulous…supportive where they need to be and breathable in the places a girl can appreciate.  I suggest sizing down — I’m a Small in Nike, for example, and in this label I could’ve definitely gone with XS in every piece.  Apparently evolving way beyond catalogs & bathing suits, Lands’ End brings their tried & true standard of quality and performance to workout gear.  It all comes at a moderate, budget-friendly price point and they even have Lands’ End Shops at select Sears locations.

So, back to Mother’s visit:  I showed her Whole Foods Market new location at The Domain, did some cooking at home, watched girly movies, did our nails…ya know, a bunch of girly stuff!  One of the highlights of her trip was our evening checking out a new yoga studio.  Whether as a rental investment or to buy & live in ourselves, at the time we had been actively looking at houses on Austin’s East Side and I wanted to show her the neighborhood.  We decided to experience the classes at a boutique yoga studio called East Side Yoga.  This welcoming, affordable & peaceful studio is located on a great street, representative of the area’s vibe.  Yoga is something both my mother & I have practiced in our own lives for years, and the activity has turned about to be a perfect way to share time together.  It’s wonderful when you can discover new shared interests in your relationship with Mom, right?  I was recovering from a minor medical procedure so we opted for an easy Restoring Hatha class.  I’ve never been to a class where the instructor goes around the room and asks each and every student to speak and share any health issues or requests — kinda different but ensures personalized attention.  The studio is intimate without feeling crowded, and the substitute instructor was so great…such a soothing voice!

Best part: since Mother didn’t have her yoga clothes, she was able to sport those pieces I had just received from the Lands’ End Performance collection!  As I said, they were a touch too big for me, but it all fit her perfectly!  We’re basically the same size, but she prefers her workout clothes a bit looser and with more coverage.  These pieces were so great for her:  fun colors, quality fabrics, and age appropriate.  She commented on the softness & comfort of the pants, especially — she stayed in them for the rest of the evening and they proved comfy enough for TV-watching back at home.  She even brought ‘em back home to La Porte as part of her Mother’s Day gift.  Here she is, modeling their tank at our post-workout dinner:My mom in Lands' End Performance top

After our class, we walked across the street to the cutest European-style cafe, Blue Dahlia Bistro.  This place is consistently satisfying, great for any time of day, and the outdoor atmosphere was fitting for a nice little bite with my mom.  That’s egg salad on toast points topped with capers…it was so light and delicious!  We had a little table with a nice vantage point for East Side people-watching, too.  Miss you, Mother!  Come back to Austin soon!


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