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Latin for “Faster, Higher, Stronger” and motto of the Olympics.  Who else is surprised by how much they enjoyed the Opening Ceremony broadcast?  Felt a little festive, so I baked some “biscuits” (simple sugar cookies but added crushed almonds & topped w/ sprinkled cinnamon) and steeped a spot of tea (English Breakfast, of course).

Watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony with proper English-themed TV snacks: biscuits & tea! (note the commemorative Will & Kate wedding china teacup, lol)

Danny Boyle’s direction added an unprecedented cinematic flair, emoting sweet “Isles of Wonder” nostalgia, excellent integration of rock music legends, and all-around We Are the World-esque pride.

Favorite parts???  During the Industrial Revolution segment, I particularly enjoyed the transformation of the River Thames, as it morphed from part of a map of London into flowing flaming metal, forging the first of the Olympic rings.  An even greater spectacle happened minutes later when the five Olympic rings were hoisted into the air and set aflame with fireworks, then appeared to drip down like molten lava — just beautiful.

And let’s not forget Becks!  So boyishly charming with his little smirk as he drove that dashing speed boat containing the Olympic torch.  Damn, that man can wear a suit.

Most traditional, the Parade of Nations.  People watching at its global finest.  –Those outfits!  –Those specimens of athleticism!  –Those countries I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never heard of!  Tuvalu?  Suriname?  Mauritius, anyone?  (Geez, and I took World Geography in college!)  Special kudos to whoever designed the uniforms of the Belgians…those Belgian boys looked so dapper in their suits.  Cameroon:  boy do they know how to make an entrance — those colorful caftans were gorgeous!  The Croatians’ blue wellies were kinda silly but it was a fun tribute to competing in London, I guess.  And the Jamaican ladies, rockin’ their fierce yellow day-glo blazers.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t at all impressed with Team USA’s garb…Made In China?!?  Shame on you, Ralph Lauren.  Overall, it was a spectacle of humanity and a rare chance to see so many faces of the world’s countrymen –dignitaries, musicians, volunteers, and athletes, alike– come together on one stage.

So, here’s to Michael Phelps becoming the most decorated Olympian in history.  To seeing if Usain Bolt will remain the world’s greatest sprinter.  Hopefully I’ll be able to catch some televised rowing events.  Oh, and gymnastics!  What are you guys looking forward to watching?  Happy 2012 Summer Olympic Games!