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HOME.  Image

Yes, home is where the heart is and as of this summer, we are proud homeowners in Austin, Texas!  The shot above is us at the final walk-through with our realtor and friend, Michael Harrell.  We sold ourselves on a new construction three-level townhome in the heart of South Austin’s 78704.  Our area is called SoLa (short for South Lamar) and the street is blowing up with new development.  Although we had to weather construction and closing delays, we couldn’t be happier with this property…it’s perfect for us!

For the last year & a half we’ve lived about 2 miles north at the Gables Park Plaza.  I will miss the convenience of downtown living and am so happy we chose to rent at first.  I have crazy fun memories of living there…the friends I made, the resident events, the rooftop pool & gym, etc.  I came across this photo on my phone — the building’s courtyard provided a tranquil setting for answering emails in the afternoon and reading with a cup of coffee in the mornings.  Image

Although we are no longer around the corner from the Whole Foods flagship store & across the street from Lady Bird Lake, we certainly have no shortage of cool restaurants, bars & boutiques within walking distance from our new location.  We are wholeheartedly happy with our new home, neighborhood & with living in Austin, in general.  I will have to share some more pics soon but for now, here’s a snapshot recently taken on the first level:

~I was proud of the pretty gladiolus

I was proud of the pretty gladiolus I procured

Late May/June was quite busy, with our anniversary trip to Paris, my 31st birthday, and then the move…we are only just now settling down.  I am still working for fun part-time at Anthropologie (been there since April 2012) but I also have to share my latest news involving a publication called InFluential Magazine…  So, I met the publisher at a fashion show, gave him my Blog Joie De Vivre biz card (printed them up b/c no one can spell it) and viola! –an opportunity came about to write an article in their July/August issue.  Here’s a link to my article — it’s about clutch purses but even dudes have said it’s interesting, so just go ahead and check it out!

I love that if you create and do it with passion and it’s genuine expression that the universe opens up pathways for you to flourish.  It has been such a delight to continue to write not only through my personal blog, but to get to do it for such a legit, posh, and fashionable publication!  Apparently that issue was their most successful ever and I’ve since been promoted from Contributing Writer to Distinguished Writer (fancy, no?) and will get to continue composing pieces for them.  Oh, it’s magical to be published –well, I’ve already been published (The Daily Cougar COUNTS, yo!)– but this is different in a fabulous adult-like way.  It’s been such a delight working with them and I’m thankful that the opportunity came out of nowhere to find me.  …Austin is a place where things like that happen.  Things like this happen, too:

ImageCaptured this enchanting evening at Lululemon’s outdoor yoga class at Barton Springs Pool, catered by My Fit Foods & KIND bar.  Free and weekly and awesome…yep!