Here’s a short & sweet post showcasing what I wore during my flight to Vegas this weekend.  I was headed there for a family girl’s trip and wanted to base my travel outfit on something I could take from day to night.  Plus, I had lunch with my husband before he dropped me off at the airport so I wanted to look cute, ensuring he missed me tremendously. 😉

I pride myself on traveling lighter & smarter with each trip I take.  This is out of necessity, because I started at rock bottom!  I’ve had some pretty horrible travel moments due to my lack of experience, planning & foresight.  Literally crying (in public) from fatigue during a Chicago layover because I couldn’t sleep on the flight from Prague, sweaty 36-hour commutes from India, missed work flights, etc.  However, through these experiences I feel like I’ve learned a little, especially after 1.)  having a job where you fly across the country each week (former PR girl) and 2.) visiting 15 countries with my husband who loves to travel but lacks a certain patience for waiting on checked luggage.


I’m sharing this because I just really like this outfit and also because it was an excellent choice for travel.  Key elements that help in the airport & during a flight:

  • easy-on, easy-off booties (side zip)
  • little socks = not having to go barefoot through security
  • easy loose dress (note:  I LOVE skinny jeans but even the stretchiest of jeggings contain a waistband that can feel constricting after sitting for hours)
  • light layer!  –this camo jacket is my new best friend (and the pockets are great for tucking away my id after the TSA check and easy, quick access to your boarding pass)

(all pieces -expect bracelets- from Anthropologie)