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We’ve been busy little bees this Fall!  The hubs & I went on our first trip without baby in October…got in some quality couple time and enjoyed a long weekend in Beverly Hills.  The photo below was taken on the last day of our little getaway:  we shopped at Kitson, ran into Ice-T & Coco (us girls talked pregnancy and bought matching Chanel-inspired tees), and then lunched at The Ivy, where they greet you with glasses of champs before showing you to your table…so fancy!

Then, we took baby to the city where her parents got married, Kansas City, to celebrate Halloween with friends & family.  Plus, my husband Ryan resigned from his position after eleven years with his previous company to reinvent himself by joining a Silicon Valley-based tech start-up.  Lots going on and that’s how I like it…wish blogging didn’t get set on the back burner but it’s my hobby and sometimes that’s how hobbies go when life gets busy.  Anyway, here’s November/December’s lifestyle installment!


Gifts that Give Back:  The 2015 World Vision Gift Catalog contains more than 250 socially-responsible, poverty-fighting gifts that improve the quality of life for struggling children and families in the U.S. and around the world.  This holiday season, give gifts that do double-duty:  purchase beautiful handcrafted jewelry & other pieces for loved ones while providing help where it is needed most.  For example, the Royal Silk Scarf ($95) I’m wearing in the above pic adds a pretty pop of color to any outfit and supports the needs of an impoverished community.  The luxurious lightweight silk fabric is woven by Vietnam’s Ma Chau villagers, who receive sustainable income through their craft.

AMG Naturally:  For the past few months, I’ve been enjoying a new medical-grade skincare routine at home thanks to AMG Naturally.  Founded by nutritionist Linda Lizotte, R.D., her research and firsthand experience led her to create and lead the AMG Naturally brand, a company that believes “we are what we absorb.”  Thus, an anti-aging skin care line for consumers who desire actual natural products was born.  Each product contains no synthetic chemicals and are derived from all-natural plant sources, which makes them unique to the beauty industry.AMG Naturally

“Just because something works, doesn’t mean it’s the best way to use it. In addition, what you put on your skin DOES MATTER. The good and the bad, it all gets absorbed. First, do no harm.” says Lizotte.  The refreshing toner spritzes on easily & the non-greasy moisturizer absorbs quickly — love how these two products work together!

Alfalfa Supplements:  Lately, I’ve been getting a boost of greens in an unexpected place:  with alfalfa supplements from PINES, The Wheat Grass People.  Alfalfa’s name is rooted in the Arabic word that literally means “father of all foods.”  Its roots can grow up to 39 feet in length – extending deep into the earth for a variety of nutrients. PINES’ Alfalfa is a high-potency source of the antioxidant Vitamin A as Beta carotene. It’s also an excellent source of Vitamin K, and contains Folic acid, as well as small amounts of Vitamin C, calcium and iron.PINES alfalfa

When you see the word ‘alfalfa,’ you probably think about the sprouts we add to our salads. Although there are some nutrients in these nearly translucent wisps, a more complex source of nutrients and rich chlorophyll actually come from the dark green leaves of the established alfalfa plant months after it germinates and grows to a height of several feet outdoors in soil.  PINES Alfalfa is the ONLY certified organic, Non-GMO Project Verified alfalfa leaf.