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Any first-time parent knows:  once you become pregnant, navigating the aisles of the baby superstore is a mix of excited confusion and nervous anticipation.  The vast array of options in each department can be overwhelming — there are like 15 kinds of spoons you can add to your baby registry, for example.  Here is a small sample of some products that I’ve tried & loved during baby’s first year:

No-Slip Hair Clips:  Ribbies Hair Accessories.  I’m not into super frilly dresses for my little girl, so I find myself feeling somewhat obliged to put something bow-like on her head, lest she get mistaken for a boy by strangers.  Wether it’s the elastic headbands that are too tight & threaten to leave an indention on her head, the hat that immediately gets pulled off, or the barrettes that just slide right out of her baby-fine hair; baby girl hair accessries are kind of the worst.  However, I was lucky to find local Austin, TX-based and mom-owned company Ribbies Clippies offered bows that actually stay in place all day! FullSizeRender  Each one is made with a special foam strip, a “non-slip grip,” that actually works on even the thinnest & finest of hair.  So far, I’ve been super impressed with the materials (leather & suede, Liberty of London prints, etc.) and the perfect craftsmanship — thanks to Ribbies for these awesome little hair bows!Ribbies 2

Quick & Easy Cradle Cap Cure:  Mustela Baby shampoo.  Forget the messy baby oil/brush approach — this product is basic to apply, high-quality, and smells so fresh.  Not sure what magic lies inside the bottle because it’s not even labeled for the use of healing cradle cap.  It was recommended by a friend on one of my online moms’ groups and figured I’d give it a try.  –Baby girl’s cradle cap was gone after the first wash!  Not only does it instantly clear those sweet lil’ scalps up, we’ve never had an issue with cradle cap again…so it seems to work at keeping it away, too.  –Hello, our new favorite shampoo!  No parabens or phthalates, hypoallergenic, and tear-free formula.Mustela shampoo pic

Boogie Wipes:  From pureed food caked on her cheeks to the occasional super-sneeze = snot blowout move (your kid ever do one of these? –gross, yet hilarious), I feel like I’m constantly wiping her face down.  And ugh, why is it kids hate to have their face wiped?  Regular tissues don’t always cut-it, either…sometimes you need something more wet washcloth-like to clean these toddler-sized messes.  I was recently sent a package of Boogie Wipes to review for the blog and found that these saline-infused wipes are gentle yet effective & great for on-the-go.  What’s more, regular baby wipes can irritate my little one’s face…leaving her skin at risk for becoming  dry, irritated, and chapped.  This winter, we’ve both been happy with how Boogie Wipes get the job done while moisturizing and healing dry skin.Boogie wipes pic