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My newest venture?  Regular Contributor to Austin Moms Blog!  After submitting my application & completing a phone interview, I’m honored to have been selected from their largest Contributor Call to-date!  I’ve shared the news on Facebook but wanted to blog a bit about this year-long commitment, too.

Easter Sunday 2016 family pic

Since becoming a mom, I’ve had to reevaluate where & how I spend my time…be more intentional about what I’m doing with any extra energy I can spare.  I’ve got lots to share on the mom-front, but didn’t really feel like Blog Joie de Vivre was the best outlet for all those Mama/Baby feelings.  Plus, AMB gives me access to thousands of new readers and an engaged local audience in my same stage of life.

Mama & baby at Thinkery

AMB is a part of the City Moms Blog Network — is there a “sister city” where you live?  Before I began guest-blogging for them, I was an avid reader and member of one of their local Neighborhood Groups.  It’s been a valuable (and fun!) resource for me thus far in my motherhood journey and I’m honored to now be a part of their writing team.  I just humbly hope that I can add to their mission of connecting moms in all seasons and journeys of motherhood.

Mama & Baby at Preschool

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