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Happy New Year!  How’s everyone doing with their New Year’s resolutions?  I’m committed to feeling fit, healthy & energized this year and wanted to share a few products that are helping me along the way:

  • Breakfast with Back to the Roots cereals:  It’s a new year, start it clean. For this Cali-based organic food start-up, there is nothing more personal or important than what we eat and put in our bodies 3x a day. They’re’re passionate about “Undoing Food” and creating sustainable, delicious products to help kids and families reconnect with their food and how it’s grown. These organic cereals are found online or at Whole Foods and boast just 3-4 ingredients each…simple, natural & healthy way to start my day!cereal
  • Coffee with NextSugar:  There’s a new sugar alternative on the market that is finally delivering the solution that so many people (including health researchers & medical professionals) have been waiting for: NextSugar. NextSugar is the world’s first low glycemic, non-GMO and Kosher natural cane sugar that has a sweetness intensity and profile of conventional sugar, but with a groundbreaking advantage: its unique composition naturally and safely blocks up to 50% of the sugar from being absorbed by the body. AND it’s suitable for any traditional use of sugar, such as baking, cooking and sweetening.


  • Organic deodorant & lip balm from Green Goo:  This new year, start fresh by making a few healthy swaps with your daily body care products! This organic skincare line provides pure, natural and healing ingredients to nourish skin. Green Goo believes in using only the highest-quality, natural, beneficial ingredients the earth has to offer… food for your skin!


  • New black jeans from SlimSation:  Never underestimate the power of great fitting, ankle-cut black pants. The goal isn’t only to look on-trend, but to look fit at the same time. SlimSation is a women’s clothing brand offering the highest form of comfort. Their ankle pants, skirts, and jeans are all made with a flexible tummy control panel. These panels work to contour your waist, slim your tummy, and shape your hips, all while keeping you comfy. They move with you, keeping your figure looking great throughout the day, whether you’re working, playing, or running errands. Plus, the secret slimming panel can’t be seen, but the effects of it are unmissable. pants