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I’m always hunting for new tools & products to help me attain that inner glow. Anything labeled lightening, brightening, revitalizing…I’m all about it! Here’s a round-up of items that enhance that glow effortlessly.

Shine bright like a diamond:  Something about the way a real diamond sparkles & reflects the light brings out lightening effects elsewhere, like the whites of your eyes & brightness of your teeth. When you put one on, it’s like your whole face lights up! –Talk about adding another meaning to the saying Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.Diamond Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit Diamonds Direct in The Domain for their “Love Comes Once in a Tacori Blue Moon” designer event. The selection of diamond engagement rings & colorful fashion pieces they have right now is astounding! I learned about current trends with wearing diamonds: mixing metals is “in” and you can add stacks of fun stylish bands to wear next to your engagement ring & wedding band. They are running an incredible September financing offer (0% APR for 5 years), so now is the time to buy that perfect bauble you’ve been eyeing!

Start fresh & boost illumination:  Cleansing my face twice a day is a non-negotiable! I like to start with a fresh palette for my serums & makeup. With two newly released products from Nerium International, you can set yourself up with a clean fresh glow to start the day!

First, the Double-Cleansing Botanical Face Wash is an advanced, lightweight one-step facial cleanser that goes on as a nourishing oil and transforms to a foamy lather with the addition of water, to remove both makeup and impurities. It leaves behind soft, smooth, comfortably clean and hydrated skin. This multifunctional facial wash does double-duty as a makeup remover and is delicate enough to be used morning and night. Nerium 1Then, applying a few pumps of their new IllumaBoost Brightening & Shield fights discoloration and recovers your healthy glow for a fresher looking complexion. This booster ‘serum’ features a breakthrough delivery system that dispenses a fresh & potent dose of vitamin C plus other proprietary & proven ingredients to help brighten, hydrate and protect skin by simply adding a few pumps to any skincare product or directly to one’s face.

Brighten those eyes:  A brand new therapeutic treatment for ‘Bad Eye Days’ comes in FreezeFrames Cool Eye Wear, providing soothing relief to puffy tired eyes through a never-before-seen unisex sunglass line. FreezeFrames were first conceptualized as a dual-purpose device for both 100% UVA-UVB sun protection and cooling eye therapy.Freeze FramesReusable gel pads magnetically click into place within the frame casing and are anatomically engineered to discretely target zone-specific problematic eye areas unlike any other eye care product on the market today. These patented “Gel-Pad” attachments soothe ‘the puffy and tired’ with gentle cooling compression customary of how a nurse might apply ice to swollen symptomatic eyes areas.

Wear after a spa or medical treatment to decrease pain and bruising while also increasing the healing. Use to soothe allergic puffiness, PMS inflammation, computer dry eye strain, or revitalize after a long flight. Helpful also in relieving headache and migraine symptoms. End result: look and feel ‘cool’ while on-the-go!