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Who else finds themselves dazzled by advancements in beauty products out there?! I’m constantly tempted by all the new tech, formulas, and combos the industry comes up with, i.e. super-sticky black masks that promise to pull out your deepest blackheads, the at-home micro needling devices, and those soft vertical rollers producing beach waves while you sleep. The results seem incredible! But let’s be honest, although these treatments can be done at home -which is a huge plus- they still take TIME to apply and perform. Sometimes I’ll spend double or triple the amount of energy that it would take a professional to produce the same, if not usually better, results. –Ain’t nobody got time for that! That’s why this month, I’m sharing some new beauty products & services that are completely effortless. Yep, their fantastic results take absolutely no energy on your part to receive. All the beauty payoff / none of the effort.

A Professional Blowout: Austin got its own Drybar location (at The Domain Northside) and earlier this week, I finally paid them a visit. Drybar is based on the simple concept of focusing on one thing and being the best at it: Blowouts. I adore their classy atmosphere, consistent styling results, and professional hospitality. They sent over a gift card for a complimentary blowout and it was the perfect mid-week pick-me-up for this pregnant mama! I typically don’t treat myself to a professional blow dry unless I’ve got a special event coming up, but this was a lesson in not needing an excuse to make yourself feel fabulous. I felt like a new woman walking out of the salon! Drybar

A Silk Pillowcase: Get a variety of beauty benefits simply by laying down…it doesn’t get any easier! Made with the highest grade of long fiber mulberry silk on the top and high grade cotton on the other side, the Hollywood Silk Solution is designed to reduce bedhead, decrease tugging on delicate facial skin and extend your blowout. Now, you can truly get your beauty sleep this year. Machine washable, too! Available in Pink, Caramel and White ($45)Silk Pillowcase

Your Daily Dose of Beauty: Just add water! This box of once-daily beauty sachets nourish skin from the inside so it can heal & repair itself and ultimately achieve a softer, younger look. CORREXIKO’s Skin Supplement lessens the results of cell aging over time; meaning daily protection for the face, neck & body from signs of aging in the years the come.Beauty VitaminsA single packet of these nutritional supplements contains 5 capsules specially formulated to target distinct skincare concerns. What can you expect? The maker claims users will start to see skin firmness, texture, glow and a lessening of fine lines and wrinkles within 12-18 weeks of consistent daily use, though benefits may be seen earlier, and increased energy may be noticed from Day 3 onwards. The formula includes 60 active clinically proven ingredients, such as:

  • Astaxanthin to neutralize free-radical oxidative stress
  • Lycopene for UV protection
  • Collagen precursors to support the strength of the dermal matrix (including elastin and collagen fibers)
  • Hyaluronic acid to maintain extracellular hydration
  • Resveratrol to help the body’s fight against inflammatory action
  • Additional Potent Probiotics to help your body absorb nutrients effectively
  • Natural Energy + Mood boosters to help awaken your body and mind
  • Essential Nutrients, Enzymes, Amino Acids, Minerals and Superfoods to stimulate skin renewal