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Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I’m feelin’ extra lovey-dovey this year, with my new lil’ guy here in my arms. Our newborn son is the sweetest cuddliest Valentine I could ask for! Since family will be in town helping with baby, I have this crazy idea that the hubs & I will be able to sneak out for a nice dinner BUT in reality, that might actually be a quick run out to the fro-yo shop 🙂 However the evening plays out, I want to make Feb. 14th feel somewhat romantical during this trying transitional period known as the newborn stage. It’s helped me to do some little things to feel pretty & vibrant these days, even if I am sleep deprived & a tad hormonal. Even if it’s just a date night in, here are some fun things I’m using to get Valentine’s date night ready…

Add Some Sparkle:  I love how necklaces dress up a basic tee like magic. I’m relying on them to be a quick outfit pick-me-up when all I want to wear these days are comfy clothes. Y’all may have heard of fibi & clo, a women’s shoe and accessories brand that offers unique and eye-catching sparkly designs. As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, jewelry gift ideas can come in large supply, but when they are affordable and on trend – even better. They recently released an all-new line of jewelry that is purposefully paired with their signature sandals. I recently got the Seahorn Necklace & the Montauk Necklace ($55 each) and am fawning over the amount of semi-precious stones on each…so sparkly!fibi & clo jewelry

Putting on a Fresh Face:  One of the rituals I’ve tried to keep up with post-delivery is putting on my makeup. I’m a makeup-lovin’ girl, and for me, it’s something about getting ready for the day & putting on a fresh face of make up that makes me feel like normal again. Even if I’m not leaving the house, the process just helps me feel good about myself. I received a shipment of a new-to-me makeup line, CATRICE Cosmetics, and I have to say: I’m impressed with both the product and price point. Catrice CosmeticsIf you’re not familiar with CATRICE, they are a European brand who just launched stateside. Originally from Germany, they are now available in 60 countries world wide and expanding to 300 ULTA locations in the U.S. this year. CATRICE is known for being a luxury product at an amazing price point, offering a wide range of complexion, eye and lip products, featuring luxury packaging, innovative ingredients and beautiful, on-trend shades.

New Night Cream:  One of my favorite non-toxic skincare lines, PUR attitude, has just released Advanced Cell Renewal Night Crème, a high-performance anti-aging cream that delivers key ingredients into the skin overnight via a natural polymer time-released technology.Night Creme While the health benefits of eating fermented, probiotic foods are widely accepted in the food industry at this time, their use in skin care is relatively new. Fermenting natural oils restructures complex molecules, transforming them into tiny “superfoods” for the skin, providing faster absorption that results in healthier, younger-looking skin. Advanced Cell Renewal Night Crème uses a fermented olive oil for superior performance. –Kind of like Kombucha for the skin!