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Any reader of this blog knows I’m an avid tester of the latest skincare products. I absolutely love to try out new serums, creams, & cleansers and then share my reviews with y’all. My neighbor Anjum knows this, too, and suggested I give Rodan + Fields a try. She is a huge advocate of this line and sells it with great success. She prompted me to use certain personalized products and commit to them for 2 months — or, the 60-Day Love Your Skin Challenge. Because even with all the fun products that are sent to me for review, I still don’t exactly “love” my skin.
Acne ScarsThrough this challenge, we’re hoping to tackle a couple of issues I’m currently dealing with: acne scars and dullness. –Anyone in the same boat? I’m in my mid-thirties and finally the pimples I’ve dealt with my whole life are starting to subside. BUT, I’m left with subtle scarring, or slight pockmarks that show up at the right angle & in some lights. More noticeably, I have scarring that manifests as dark spots…those fade over time, but we’re talking MONTHS. My dermatologist told me the scarring could be addressed by a series of microneedling services. (Since I’m breastfeeding, there’s a lot of products and procedures I need to steer clear of for now.) Microneedling is safe, but the price tag is scary! The packages at my dermatologist’s office started around $800. Luckily R + F makes a roller than is basically the same idea but can be used on yourself in the convenience of your own home.R + F RollerThe AMP MD Roller, Rodan + Fields micro-exfoliating roller, is designed to help the skin heal itself. As the micro-needles move across your skin (don’t worry, they don’t hurt!), signals are sent to the brain to “SEND COLLAGEN!” Collagen is what heals our wounds and gives our skin strength & elasticity, along with replacing dead skin cells. The micro-needles also create channels in our skin allowing any skincare products applied after to be absorbed quicker & deeper, creating results for a firmer tone, smoother texture, and a reduced appearance of lines & wrinkles!

The second skincare issue I’m hoping to rectify is dullness. This could be just a case of life with a newborn and general postpartum skin changes. I just feel like my skin is lacking luminosity. –I guess once you have that ‘pregnancy glow’ and then proceed to see it fade, you want it back, haha! Now, I haven’t been able to keep up with my facials over the last few months, so I know a contributing factor here is the lack of regular exfoliation. But Anjum tells me hydration is a major component in dealing with skin dullness. Again, since I’m breastfeeding she had to stick within certain ingredient boundaries but we found something that should work fabulously for me in their Active Hydration Serum.R + F AHSActive Hydration Serum (AHS) is a hydrating, oil-free serum that increases the hydration level in our skin. Often times, we apply moisturizer to our skin, thinking this will help with hydration. Moisturizers, in fact, only seal in EXISTING hydration — they do NOT add hydration to the skin! As we age, our level of skin hydration decreases, causing our skin to look dull and (dare I say it) droopy. AHS adds hydration into the skin, and when your skin is hydrated, it looks more vibrant, glowing, and smooth! AHS is formulated to benefit all skin types.

So, here begins Day 1 of our 60-Day Love Your Skin Challenge! I’ll keep ya posted during the journey and share my progress. –Interested in joining me? –Want to FINALLY love your skin? Check out the products here and reach out to Anjum on Instagram or Facebook. She’s always available to answer any skincare questions or recommend the right products.