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We have come to the conclusion of my 60-Day Love Your Skin Challenge with Anjum Hanafi, Independent Consultant at Rodan + Fields. And I must say, I have an appreciation for my skin unlike never before. Before I tried these products, I was at war with my face: constantly fighting off breakouts, dullness, oil production, dry flaky patches, and appearance of fine lines. Due to a variety of factors (hormone changes, lack of sleep, lifestyle change, and just from general aging) I never knew what face I’d wake up to in the morning. Plus, the unpredictability of it all was aggravating my postpartum anxiety! Now, through this skin care regime, I feel like I’m working WITH my skin, feeding it what it needs, and creating a harmony of hydration and health. There are few surprises these days and I’m grateful for that.

R + FOk, regarding my issues I was hoping to address:

  • Dullness: Completely gone. I feel I’m rocking a healthy glow once more and there is a nice color in my cheeks. Even on nights where the baby wakes up THREE TIMES (and once for the toddler, too!) I don’t experience that showing up in my face the next morning.
  • Flakiness/Dry patches: Completely gone. The surface texture has totally evened out and I’m back to my regular homeostasis of normal-to-oily skin. The combination of oily in some places and super dry in others was confusing to me (I didn’t know what to put on my face!) and it’s nice to just reach for one go-to product that handles it all.
  • Old acne scars: Fading. Both the subtle pockmarks and not-so-subtle dark spots are continuing to even-out.
  • Fine lines: When I turned 33, I got my first wrinkle. My tall forehead wrinkles up with certain expressions and one of the lines finally just stayed there. However, –and I can’t believe it– but the roller smooths out that one pesky line. If this continues to work, I’ll keep to my personal promise of putting off the Botox until age 40.

Intensive Renewing SerumAdditionally, one product comes in the kit I received but wasn’t used in the challenge. I’m breastfeeding & it’s not recommended, so I had to hold off. BUT, it is amazing and award-winning and deserves a mention: R+F’s all new re-vamped Intensive Renewing Serum is all the rage — even featured in the April ’18 edition of Oprah’s O Magazine! The highest concentration of Vitamin A available on the market without a prescription, this powerful tiny daily-dose blue capsule packs a punch. Many Vitamin A serums on the market are too much for sensitive skin but this product is specifically formulated for even the most sensitive skin and works to visibly firm, smooth and revitalize the skin. It reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles and the individual capsules ensure the product says fresh at every application.

Best part– my neighbor Anjum is running a special just for Blog Joie de Vivre readers: Get a FREE gift with any $80+ purchase! Y’all can choose from their Body Moisturizer, Foaming Sunless Tanner or Body Sunscreen. Here’s a simple & quick one-minute skin questionnaire with direct recommendations from the dermatologists…just fill it out as your first step and she’ll arrange your free exclusive gift.