Life[style]: July ’17 — New releases in the beauty category


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When it comes to beauty, some women like to treat themselves to a new lip gloss or mascara. Me, I like fancy skincare products. I’m drawn to the permanence & wholeness of caring for the skin you live in, versus expensive make-up products that are wiped off each night. Now, I’ll admit I am a bit of a makeup junkie and kinda obsess over fabulous eyeshadows & lip shades, but I’m especially interested in new skincare treatments. This month, I’ve got some new complete collections, supplements, and relaxing indulgences to consider incorporating into your beauty routine…

Mom-friendly skincare. When baby-proofing your home, make sure to life-proof your skin! New moms are often exhausted and overwhelmed, which can wreak havoc on your complexion – however, Vichy’s Idealia collection grants illuminated, lit-from-within results, giving you one less stress to lose sleep over.Vichy

  • Idéalia Night Cream ($35): Discover the restorative power of a good night’s sleep on the skin with an advanced night treatment that mimics skin’s key repair activity during a deep sleep.
  • Idéalia Radiance Boosting Serum ($39): Formulated with an Antioxidant Recharge Complex (citrus flavonoids + licorice root extract + energizing adenosine), this serum restores an ideal skin quality and recharges skin with a glow.
  • Idéalia Eyes ($31): A 2-in-1 anti-aging treatment and illuminator works to reduce dark circles, smooth fine lines and illuminate shadows.

Drink to your youth. Want a first-of-its-kind wellness solution that provides age-fighting benefits both internally as well as externally? Thanks to Nerium International’s new Youth Factor Complete Vitality Complex and Superfood & Antioxidant Boost, you can get age-fighting benefits for body, cells and skin!* Instead of a handful of pills and an overwhelming regimen, support overall wellness and fight the signs of aging with a duo of nutritional supplements—one a tablet, the other a powder. Youth Factor

  • Youth Factor Complete Vitality Complex is a tablet that contains both the Youth Factor Enzyme Blend and Complex NAA that help with: cellular energy support, free radical defense, strengthening the immune system, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, and revealing brighter-looking skin.*
  • Youth Factor Superfood & Antioxidant Boost is a supplemental powder featuring hearty servings of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables—far more than most would be able to consume from their diets alone. It helps to balance the body’s pH levels to help maintain well-being.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

Bring international beauty traditions home. Treat your skin to some worldwide beauty this summer! New to the U.S., Treets Traditions brings tried and true practices from five regions of the world to your bathroom. With regional, natural ingredients that work, rediscovering age old beauty will have your skin looking fresh and new in no time! I’m loving taking my normal bath up a notch with these premium lavender & beeswax Bath Fizzers ($14).Bath bombsExclusively at your local Ulta Beauty & on all five collections from Treets Traditions are inspired by regional traditions to heal, and nurture skin. Coming from The Amazon, Africa, the Alps, Asia, and the Nordics, each collection is tailored to different needs and highlights different regional ingredients for your best skin yet!


Life[style] — June ’17: Products for Your Pool Tote


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This summer we’ve been spending A LOT more time outside: checking out the best playgrounds in Austin, visiting our neighborhood pools and checking out area splash pads. All those activities out in the elements require some extra supplies! It’s easy if the pool tote just stays in the trunk so it’s packed and ready to go for wherever we end up. Here are some products that are perfect for your summertime beach bag!

A Sweat-Proof SPF:  AlastinALASTIN HydraTint ProMineral Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 36 is lightweight, oil-free, absorbs quickly and has a complexion-enhancing tint to even out tone for light, comfortable coverage. Other sunscreens make skin slick and sticky. But ALASTIN HydraTint’s active ingredients, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, sop up excess oil and help create a mattifying effect on skin—so you can say good-bye to shine.

The best part is that it’s ideal to wear when you’re going to be active outdoors during the summer. It has a 40 minute water resistance rating, which helps wick off sweat and keep skin protected during a sweat sesh. Plus, since this is a mineral sunscreen, it won’t sting if it gets into your eyes. When you go out, consider this the only all-in-one skin enhancing, age defying, broad spectrum sunscreen you need. Here’s to effortless beauty—even when you sweat.

Instant Relief for Bug Bites & Stings:  After BiteI was stung by a yellowjacket in my backyard last week and this stuff worked in a flash. I immediately iced the area, followed with a dab of After Bite, and the wasp sting was gone! After Bite has provided instant itch relief from bug bites and stings for over 40 years for adults and kids. The pharmacist-preferred, proprietary mix of soothing ingredients acts fast when you need it most so that bites and stings don’t ruin family fun. After Bite Kids is also available with a non-stinging sensitive cream that is gentle on kids or perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. Available at Walmart, CVS, Target, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Kroger, and at

Rental Pool Toys:  Toybrary boatDon’t want to invest in a multitude of outdoor-appropriate toys this summer? —Toybrary to the rescue! Use your membership to Austin’s local toy-lending library to rent backyard, pool & bath toys this summer. They’ve got bikes & trikes, sit & spins, cones & parachutes, a mini Radio Flyer wagon, and lots more. Banish their summer boredom with new toys every two weeks! I picked up some fun cars & trucks, this tug boat Pictured above, and a little swing for my toddler’s dolls during our last visit. We can pop the cars and this little boat in the pool bag and we’ve got an easy enhancement for our outdoor play dates.

Hawaiian Hydration:  Hawaiian WaterGotta admit:  I occasionally entertain the indulgence of splurging on fancy bottled waters from across the globe. Pack a few bottles of this alkaline water all the way from Hawaii to feel a little fancy during your next day in the sun. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has just launched eco-friendly six and 12 packs of its award-winning alkaline water. Waiakea is not just the only certified CarbonNeutral bottled beverage in the country (helllllooo, eco-friendly), but it is also lauded for its wide variety of ethical initiatives that benefit communities both in its local Hawaii and across the globe.

Refreshing Wipes:  Summer's EveEver feel the need to freshen up? We’ve all had daily “not so fresh” moments, especially during the heat & humidity of summer! Whether running to a class or a meeting, post work-out with no time to shower, or even during that time of the month, Summer’s Eve Cleansing Cloths provide an easy and discreet way to feel confidently fresh. The cloths are lightly fragranced and quickly wipe away odor-causing bacteria. Available in scents like Aloe Love, Island Splash, Sheer Floral, and Simply Sensitive at CVS, Duane Reade, Walmart, Target, Amazon and Walgreens.




The Practical Father’s Day Gift Guide


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After nine years of married life, my husband and I have evolved into gifting each other more practical, useful gifts for the holidays. Case in point:  we recently celebrated a wedding anniversary and our gift to each other was a new vacuum. –Seriously. It was a really nice hi-tech vacuum, but a household cleaning device nonetheless. We figure, we have everything we need and buy ourselves what we want –within reason and many times after each other’s counsel. Now, for milestone birthdays & anniversaries, we favor the gift of experiences:  i.e. international travel, concerts, weekend staycations, etc. But especially since becoming parents, for those “greeting card holidays” like Valentine’s Day & Mother’s/Father’s Day, we appreciate unique everyday gifts that are consumable and practical. For starters, he’s asked for a tub of Tacodeli’s “Dona” sauce (now available at Whole Foods Market!) and it’s already in the fridge waiting for him. Here are some other ideas:

For the Clean Freak Dad:  Caffeinated soap. DirtyBird Energy is dedicated to creating products to help productivity for active, busy lifestyles. Whether it is at the office, during a workout, or raising children, they want to help everyone be at their best and most productive. Each DirtyBird Energy Bar is infused with ingredients to help achieve this goal.Dirty BirdThe Energy Soap bars are infused with caffeine and peppermint oil to energize the body and mind. Scientific studies show caffeine absorbs through pores and hair follicles, which will energize the body even before your first cup of coffee in the morning.

The Relax Soap bars are infused with lavender, chamomile, rosemary, and ylang ylang essential oils. Each of these oils absorbs to relax the body and mind as well as soothe the skin. An evening shower with Relax helps to promote a restful sleep allowing him to wake up refreshed & ready for the day ahead.

And the soap isn’t the only thing that’s special! Each soap comes packaged in a patented reusable container that snaps shut and allows Dad to take his soap anywhere (the gym, camping, vacation, etc.) or use it to keep other goodies in. And DirtyBird Energy is proudly made in the U.S.A. — another plus! DirtyBird Energy Soaps are available in singles, a 2-pack variety, 6 packs or in a monthly subscription, delivered right to his doorstep every month.

For the Traveling Dad:  Alkaline water. With summer around the corner, the whole family will be drinking a lot more water. These alkalizing sachets by Coral LLC help raise the pH of his drinking water, buffer chlorine, and add Vitamin C & antioxidants by way of ionic trace minerals. This is a great thing to pack in his backpack during summer travel — useful for weekend camping trips and international excursions alike (both places where the tap water can be suspect!)Alkaline waterI especially love their portability — perfect for amping up water fountain tap water when refilling your reusable water bottle. Whether at home or on the go, the convenient mineral sachets can easily transform ordinary water—bottled or treated—into a boosted beverage that may help support optimal energy and hydration. Alkalized water has also been known to help the body maintain a healthy pH balance, hydration level, and metabolism, as well as support natural detoxification.

For the Dad Who Does It All:  Spirulina supplements. ENERGYbits spirulina tablets fire up your thinking, improve your alertness and protect your brain health all WITHOUT caffeine, chemicals, sugar or gluten. After his big day, RECOVERYbits step in by speeding muscle recovery. These supplements are a 1-2 punch that will improve everything Dad does, from his golf game to his career. Recovery BitsHe’ll love how razor-sharp his thinking gets with ENERGYbits and it’s all thanks to their high concentration of healthy fatty acids, plant-protein, chlorophyll and B vitamins, with no caffeine, chemicals or sugar. These tiny little algae tablets are the healthiest way for everyone to focus better, recover quick, and work smarter not harder. Show your dad (and yourself) some love this Father’s Day and feed your brain with bits. One size fits all!


Life[style]: May ’17 — Hot Mama Health & Wellness


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Hey there hot mamas!  Sharing some handy tools made available in our health & wellness toolkits. New classes, probiotics, and skincare!

The Workout:  Flywheel Sports is a new boutique indoor stadium cycling studio in The Domain. Flywheel provides all the tools needed to set goals, beat your own personal records, race against others, and make fitness fun! I recently held a Mom’s Night Out event there and we enjoyed seeing friends while being healthy together. –Group workouts are my jam! If you’d like to try out one of their classes courtesy of Blog Joie de Vivre, use code FLYLWA15 for a free ride. Guests will need to create an account and apply the code at checkout. Expires June 15th.Flywheel

The Supplement:  Already the #1 supplement sold on Amazon, Hyperbiotics was founded by Jamie Morea, who developed the line after a life-altering trip from Guatemala to Thailand and contracted Entamoeba histolytica, a rare intestinal parasite most common in developing countries.HyperBiotics.jpgJamie’s horrific experience sparked her quest to develop superior, live probiotic formulas, and to teach others about the vital ecosystem of beneficial bacteria living in each and every one of us. Hyperbiotics has 60 PATENTS and the formula was developed with technology that ensures the organisms are viable without refrigeration, survive past stomach acid, only uses human resident strains (as opposed to soil based organisms or active yeasts) and contain up to 15 different beneficial probiotic strains. Hyperbiotics was created on the premise that bacteria is both the foundation of health and the future of medicine. As of April 25th, Hyperbiotics will be available to consumers nationwide at Target stores, just in time for spring/summer travel plans!

The Skincare:  Though you may plan to give your skin a breather from makeup in the summer, sometimes (for me, at least) a bit of foundation is needed to cover up unwanted blemishes and redness. Melting makeup mixed with sweat from our extreme temps in Texas can lead to an even worse situation:  clogged pores and acne. Try VENeffect’s Pore Minimizing Cleanser and Micro Exfoliant to reveal beautiful skin. VENeffect helps offset the signs of hormonal aging with plant based technology to inspire luminosity and elasticity in skin.VenEffect.jpg

Join me for a healthy, fun & FREE event this Thursday!


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Lindsey Wiese Private Ride Invite copy

AUSTIN READERS:  I’ve arranged a fitness & fellowship event for all of us this Thursday night! Please come and consider sharing with your networks. The support would mean so much to me! 45-min. spin class, clip-in bike shoes, and snacks after are all completely complimentary. All are welcome. Here’s all the details:Flywheel RuthFREE private spin class for Austin mamas & their friends! Join me for a pre-Mother’s Day appreciation ride at Flywheel Sports in The Domain. Flywheel is a brand-new, hi-tech boutique indoor stadium cycling studio — treat yourself! After class, stay for snacks & say hi! Event is Thursday, May 11th at 7:30 p.m.

Spots are limited. First, create a Flywheel account by going to (They need shoe sizes & usernames to assign every person a bike.) After your Flywheel account is created, register for our free private event here.20161220-flywheel-11Can’t wait to see y’all!  ~Lindsey

What Moms REALLY Want for Mother’s Day


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Hint:  it’s not flowers. It’s not chocolates. It’s not a store-bought greeting card. Many moms are over-scheduled, burdened by the day-to-day routine, and weary wearing the hat of caregiver for the whole family. We mamas keep this ship afloat, fo’ real. While we manage it all and love doing it, sometimes it’s a little overwhelming being everything to everyone. Sure, our hearts melt at a hand-crafted creation made with love from the littles but Dadas, consider breaking from the traditional gifts this Mother’s Day:

–What service would provide a momentary vacation from her daily responsibilities at home?

–What hobby did she enjoy pre-kids but is kinda missing out on these days?

–What is a luxury she could use & enjoy but just simply would not buy for herself?

Yes, her heart is bursting with love for your family, but what about the refreshing power of time for herself? –Self-care isn’t selfish! A long brunch with the girls, a week of dinners delivered-in, a surprise mani-pedi appt. — these are just a few thought starters. It doesn’t even have to be fancy or expensive…a drawn bubble bath or a morning to sleep-in goes a long way.  I’ve rounded up a couple more ideas below:

A Toast:  Breakfast in bed is certainly a treat, but a glass of rose’ is even better! Pour, serve, and cheers to her. After the kids go down to bed, escort her out to the back patio…think about & share a few words about what she means to the family or what you love about her as a mom. Perfect for sunset-watching and porch-rocking, these new canned wines are portable, safe around the pool, and easy to pair with even the most casual of meals from the grill. Backpack WineThe Chicago-based Backpack debuted in September and is available in two blend varieties, Cheek Rose’ and Snappy White, in four-can packs. Backpack Wine offers a unique combo of great-tasting, quality wine in an approachable, rebellious and fresh manner.

Adults-only:  Ok, family time is the BEST but we all could use a little adult-interaction from time to time. –We need to talk predictions for Game of Throne’s last season with people who are actually allowed to watch the show! Child-care cards from Toybrary hold a $25 value, which can go toward daytime drop-in care during the week or Parents Night Out on Saturday evenings. Date-night? Summer blockbuster on the big screen? Appt. at the blow-dry bar? –The gift of a child-free excursion is up to her! Whether she’s thinking a couple’s candlelit dinner or lunch with the ladies, these gift cards are little tokens of your support toward her independence. Might just give her the push she needs to get out there and reconnect with an old friend or try that new restaurant in town.Child Care Cards


Life[style]: April ’17 — New Pantry Products


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Trying out some newly-released pantry staples this month…

Safe Catch:  As y’all may or may not know, I was a pescetarian for about 7 years. Safe to say, I know my canned tuna — I’ve eaten A LOT over the years! Safe Catch Elite Wild Tuna is by far one of the best I’ve found. Sustainable, super-healthy, and boasts the lowest mercury content of any brand — perfect for athletes & kids and safe for pregnant women.  Safe Catch tunaNot only does this brand test every single fish used in its products to ensure they are low in mercury, the ingredients used in their new seasoned line of tuna are equally as pure and natural. Plus, each can has over 28 grams of protein to keep you fueled & full for hours.

ISO Thrive:  My husband has gotten into taking probiotics lately. He likes to supplement with probiotics not only for health benefits, but for the weight-management properties as well. I partnered with ISOThrive —a gastroenterologist-endorsed, bacterially fermented microFood ‘pre’-biotic— to try out a new type of so-called probiotic. First, I learned why those probiotic yogurts never made me feel any better—the bacteria they were touting never made it to the part of my gut where they were needed! ISO Thrive

So-called “microFood” feeds the bacteria that are already in your gut, but aren’t getting the nutrition they need. Here’s what else I learned about what microFood can do:

1. Go where probiotics can’t
Most probiotics are neutralized in our stomachs and never make it to our lower digestive tract. To heal GI issues, the whole digestive system has to be re-balanced. A daily dose of fermented microFood like ISOThrive fuels the good bacteria to tackle the organisms that cause gas, bloating, and constipation.

2. Rebalance our diets the ancient way
Most modern diets lack nutrients to feed our “good” bacteria—more particularly, a very specific type of microFood that our ancestors got by eating lots of fermented vegetables or sourdough breads made from heirloom wheat. ISOThrive adds back this bacterially fermented food to rebalance our diets and keep our bacteria happy. (And, no, the sauerkraut on your hot dog or the kimchi on your bibimbap won’t get you the the microFood you need—you’d have to eat several cups of fermented veggies every day to get the same amount of microFood in one 1/4 teaspoon of ISOThrive microFood!)

3. Prep our bodies to prevent disease
Because the modern Western diet is so deficient in specially fermented microFood, our starving “good” gut bacteria are “breaking bad”—adapting to use other energy sources (such as our gut lining), and making us sick. Fermented microFood restores this imbalance, enhancing immune function and staving off disease.

Community Coffee:  Just in time for spring entertaining, Community Coffee Company’s new Amber Sunrise Blend is perfect for coffee drinkers who prefer a lighter roast with a smooth finish (try pairing it with this recipe for crème brûlée!).Community CoffeePlus, for every dollar redeemed on specially-marked coupons, Community will donate a matching dollar to land preservation efforts along the gulf coast, one of the largest threatened ecosystems in the world. You can learn more about this important cause and their new gulf coast campaign by visiting



Day-Date Idea: iFLY Austin


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In my last post, I shared how I’ve been learning to set a regular date-night for my marriage and to keep it a priority. However, instead of the usual dinner & movie, I’m really digging the idea of 1.) day-dates vs. date-night and 2.) planning active & fun excursions to keep things fresh. I plan to begin cultivating ideas & places to check out and will post ’em here! Our first foray in achieving this type of couple’s activity was at iFLY AustiniFLY 2Home to our city’s only indoor skydiving tunnel, this place is legit. So legit, in fact, that when we arrived for our mid-morning “flight,” the freaking ARMY was training there. Legit soldiers were in full gear practicing for when they’ll have to jump out of planes to keep America safe. Understandably, they wouldn’t allow me to take pics. Seeing a few minutes of their training was an honor.

Once they moved out, it was time for the recreational side of indoor skydiving to begin. My group was instructed to suit-up, remove all jewelry, and find a locker for your wallets & phone. Then, we attended a short & casual training class to prepare us for the experience. Our flight instructor informed us that we’d be communicating with him via hand signals and the most important rule is to RELAX. –I can certainly try & do more of that, right?!iFLY 1Then, we were ready to fly! Neither of us have gone skydiving before so it was our first experience with anything like this. –SO hilarious to see each other’s reactions! With the basic level ticket price, you get two flights. For the second round, we chose to upgrade a bit…the instructor takes you on spins and way up high to the top of the tunnel. This way, even though you’re a beginner, you still get to experiment with trying some tricks! iFLY Lindsey 1

iFLY Ryan 1It was an unexpected adrenaline rush that left us energized for the week. So, if you’re like me and feel like you & partner’s typical date-nights are in a bit of a rut, definitely give indoor skydiving a try. It’s the “something different” you’ve been looking for, trust me! They’re open until 9 or 10 p.m. most nights, so it can really fit into any schedule. Safe to say, we definitely bought ourselves return flights before we left. Thanks to iFLY for a truly unique day-date experience — we’ll be back!

Parents of preschoolers: Making weekly dates a priority and how to fit them in your schedule


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day dates

Two years into this whole parenthood thing, I’m just getting used to the concept of “date-night.”  When you’re married & childless, any occasion, day-or-night, can be turned into a “date”…heck, your whole life outside of work is one big date!  And score! –each dinner out, movie, concert, whatever all result in getting to take your hottie home at the end of the night.  Young married life is pretty freakin’ great.  International travel.  An MBA.  Spontaneous weekend getaways.  Fancy meals at hot new restaurants.  I look back on that stage fulfilled to have gotten so much time together, just as husband and wife.

Then comes baby in a baby carriage!  #Blessed, but married life as you know it won’t be the same for at least 20+ years.  I’ve talked about Fearless Mom before but just as a quick refresh, it’s a moms lecture series with small group breakouts that meets weekly on Wed. mornings.  It’s a ministry of Lake Hills Church here in Austin and it’s been a place of comfort, learning, and camaraderie for me as a mom.  I’ve absorbed so much parenting truth.  Things like:

  • Marriage:  how the parenting pendulum swings between wife and mom
  • 20/20 Parenting:  discipline for the next 20 years, rather than the next 20 mins
  • Mom Guilt:  be aware and intentional with your thoughts – YOU are enough
  • Social Media:  Wherever you are, be all there. #putdownthephone

All. of. this.  Seriously, I’ve loved it so much!  If you’re not in Austin, you can follow along at home.  Anyway, one of the lessons of the past couple sessions has been to set a date night and keep it regularly.  –But it’s hard, y’all!  Here are the reasons why we’ve never been able to keep a regular weekly date night:

  • Babysitters are expensive.  No lie, I had a professional nanny who babysits on her off hours quote me “$15-$17/hr. for one child under the age of 5.” –Ugh, our ‘one child under the age of 5’ goes to bed by 7:30.  The sitter may be super-qualified, but I just can’t allow myself to pay someone $17/hr. to sit at the house while my little one sleeps.  I need to find some good minimum wage-level high schoolers in the neighborhood, for real.
  • Movies are pricey, too.  Many of the cinemas around where we live are these new luxury-style set-ups where you choose an assigned seat in a comfy leather armchair and have servers wait on you throughout the show.  Plus, all those bigger recliners with tables and wide aisles for food service = less space available in each theatre.  Anytime we get an itch to go to the movies on a whim, it’s like NO –tickets sold out a week ago.
  • I’m tired, honey.  Frankly, I’m tired all the time.  But I’m especially sleepy after like 9 p.m.  And honestly, on a Friday night with a glass of red wine in his system, so is the husband…I’ll catch him crashed out on the couch by 9:30 at night.  Also, no one enjoys looking down at their watch during a date.  If I do happen to get a second wind and want to party ’til midnight, the child’s still waking up at the same early bird hour that she always does the next day.  Um, where are the babysitters for the morning after?

But still, the notion of prioritizing your marriage during parenthood remains so important.  At Fearless Mom, I’ve heard it put like this:  Connect daily.  Date weekly.  Retreat annually.  So, dating doesn’t need to happen at night, right?  Here are some alternative date-night periods where we’ve carved in some couple-time:

  • During Preschool:  Our little one goes to a half-day program twice a week at the local church.  They call it Preschool, but it’s more of a Mother’s Day Out.  It’s rare, but if the hubs is open for lunch, I’ll throw out the idea of a lunch-date…he loves to eat out, so it’s not a hard sell.  Sometimes we’ll drive to the East side to check out the latest buzzed about restaurant that just opened.  But really, any meal out that we can eat together, hot & uninterrupted, is “date” enough for us!
  • When the Grandparents are Around:  Whether they’re visiting us or if we’re home for the holidays, we try to find an opportunity to sneak off for a moment to ourselves.  Just get in the car and find something to do outside the realm of parenthood!  Usually, it’s just us going see a movie or grab a drink with a friend.  BUT If you can get Grandma to sign-off for the overnight shift, this is an ideal chance for a one-night staycation at a hotel.  It’s amazing with the illusion of a real vacation can do for tired parents’ souls.
  • Daytime:  This is our key window!  I’m all about the day-dates vs. date-night.  Saturday mid-day is a great time for your weekly date.  Babysitters are less likely to be booked up, and the littles are awake & energetic so they’ll be earning that hourly rate 😉 Plus, there are opportunities for fun, active, outdoorsy dates.  Something to spice-up that married dating game besides the usual dinner & a movie, ya know?  We recently went on an indoor skydiving day-date that I can’t wait to tell y’all more about.  Blog post on our experience at iFLY coming soon!

3 Things to Do for YOU, Starting this Weekend


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Treat yo’ self, Mama!

The Eyes Have It:  EYE-V Moisture Boost Hydrogel Patches by Nerium Internationaleye-vTexas-based anti-aging skincare company Nerium International has just launched their newest product:  EYE-V Moisture Boost Hydrogel Patches. These babies are an easy & indulgent way to hydrate, smooth, firm and brighten the under-eye area. They partnered with world-class Korean chemists and product designers to pair advanced hydrators like aloe vera leaf water, echinacea, lavender, and green tea. The convenient 20-minute patches feature a special ThermoReact technology that work with your own body temperature to create an instant “eye lift.” Pop in the refrigerator before use for an extra cooling effect.

A Taste of Something New:  try a glass of Hopes EndhopesendHopes End is a wine inspired by the true story of thousands of 19th century free settlers who journeyed to start a better life, and instead arrived in dismal Port Misery, South Australia. The Angove Family were among them. Dr. William T. Angove, a young doctor, found his livelihood mixing elixirs, and soon, wine—the perfect antidote to adversity. Hopes End Red Blend 2015 is a wine that stays true to its origins while satisfying a palate that seeks the unexpected. The wine begins in the sunny, sandy loam over limestone soils of South Australia, and ends with intensely flavored, darkly intriguing wine. Carefully selected parcels of Shiraz, Grenache, Malbec and Petit Verdot were picked in the cool dawn at perfect ripeness. Each lot was assessed and unified by our winemaker to create a luscious, berry- driven profile that’s intriguing and indulgent. Find Hopes End soon at Kroger and Targets in Texas.

No Sitter? No Problem:  Parents Night Out at Toybrary Austinparents-night-out-at-toybrary

Parents, meet your built-in babysitting solution. Treat yourself to a night out — you deserve it! Sitters can get expensive and sometimes it’s hard to trust a new person alone at home with your child. Wanted to share a fun & different childcare option in case anyone is stuck without a babysitter on #datenight… Every Saturday, locally-owned & operated Toybrary Austin will watch your little one from 5:00-8:00 p.m. while you go participate in grown-up activities. Just bring snacks or dinner, a water bottle, diapers, a change of clothes, and a lovey if your child needs it. For children ages 1-5. Sign up: or 512-765-4174.