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When we move into a new house, one of the first things I address are the garage floors. –I cannot stand a dusty garage floor! This is one of the first things I handle because if it’s not addressed early on, I know us & how we live — boxes, bins & sports gear will accumulate and the project will never get completed. With this new house, I aimed to get it done right after closing, but fell short of that goal. Still, we completed this project within a month of moving in and I’m so glad we did!

Our garage ‘”Before” — 525 square feet of unfinished of dusty concrete.

At our last house, we purchased one of those cheap do-it-yourself kits by another brand from a big-box home improvement store. The hot tire marks showed right away and after a few years, the top coat began to peel. After learning from that experience, I reached out to local professional garage floor companies for estimates. Their prices made my head spin: I got quotes ranging from $3,000 – $7,000 for epoxy coating on our two-car garage! There are so many other places where we’d prefer to put $7K of investment into our new home! So, I began looking for a product that would provide some middle ground…something with the quality of real epoxy coating but at a pricepoint we felt comfortable with.

Enter the DaiHard 100 Industrial Strength Epoxy Floor Coating Kit — an effective and economical new DIY floor finishing alternative.

DaiHard 100, from Daich Coatings, is a significant departure from water-based epoxy floor coatings which have been widely sold through retail stores for the past 15 years. Unlike weaker water-based epoxies, DaiHard is a “100% solids” epoxy formula that withstands heavy-duty forklift traffic – but at a cost similar to common water-based offerings. It comes in grey or tan…although we’re using both colors in our decor, we chose tan because that matched our light French White Oak wood floors the best.

Already such an improvement! If there’s an ugly, marked-up concrete floor in need of protection and lasting durability, this epoxy floor coating is the solution.

The DaiHard 100 kit (which is cost effectively priced below $90 on the Daich Coatings website and through The Home Depot online) includes a cleaner to loosen dirt on the floor before applying the epoxy. The kit also includes 2.7 quarts of DaiHard epoxy resin (part A of the formula) plus one quart of DaiHard epoxy hardener (part B of the formula). The two parts are combined and then applied to the surface with either a roller or squeegee application. One roller-applied coat generally covers an area of 250 square feet.

We hired a painter to put down the product but it can be easily tackled as a DIY project. Just apply to a clean surface using a standard paint roller or squeegee applicator.

The industrial strength epoxy coating locks onto interior concrete floors with exceptional adhesion capabilities, impact and abrasion resistance. We chose this product for our home because the low-odor, zero VOC epoxy delivers professional-grade, heavy-duty performance on garage floors.

Garage floor with the epoxy resin & epoxy hardener applied.
“During” …but almost done!

To add to the overall appearance of the finished floor coating, the kit includes optional decorative vinyl flakes that may be sprinkled onto the wet surface. A light and uniform layer of the broadcasted flakes will also create a slip-resistant floor. Gotta love those flakes — they are my favorite part of this look on garage floors!

Close-up of the Tan color with the vinyl flakes

Now, we have a garage that’s protected against oil stains, chemicals, salt and general wear & tear. Each kit is less than $90! We ordered three kits, but could’ve just as easily gone with only two. Just one coat completely transforms interior concrete floors.

The “After” shot! Love it.