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Last week, I had the pleasure of sitting front-row for The Fall ’15 Trend Event at Neiman Marcus, Austin.  The evening centered around an intimate & comprehensive runway presentation where upcoming seasonal-appropriate looks were shown in addition outlining little details like earrings, tights, and even lipstick.  The main event was accentuated with sorbet cocktails by Frost 321 (think boozy ice cream!) and chic light bites.  Neiman Marcus has a way of not only cutting through the clutter by perfectly predicting next season’s big trends but also showing us ways to wear them.  Really, Fall is such a big season for both fashion in general as well as building a personal wardrobe so I always pay close attention to their annual fall forecast and plan ahead.  Here are shots of my favorite looks from their list of Fall 2015 fashion must-haves:

  • Folklorica:  A global array of embroidery, patchwork, lace, and fringeNeiman Marcus Fall '15 Trends: Folklorica
  • The Last Layer:  Dusters, ponchos, and capesNeiman Marcus Trends for Fall '15:  The Last Layer
  • Full-bodied Reds:  Crimson, carmine, claret (and for lips, too)Neiman Marcus Fall '15 Trends: Full-bodied Reds
  • White Out:  We’re forecasting a wintry mixNeiman Marcus Trends for Fall '15:  White Out (winter whites)
  • The Return of the Flare:  Jeans and pants with a leg-flattering kickNaiman Marcus Trends for Fall '15:  flare legs