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A few of my favorite finds from summer so far:  an all-natural bug spray to keep families safe from outdoor pests, a line of summer-friendly scents for workouts & errands, and a new bubbly beverage on the market.

Buzz Away:  With growing concern this year surrounding mosquito-borne diseases, it is more important than ever to protect our families from these biting pests. Buzz Away Extreme is an all-natural insect repellant made with essential plant oils that delivers the same protection as many chemical DEET-based repellents, without the negative effects on individual health and the environment.Buzz Away*Giveaway:  Use the hashtag #bugfreefun to be entered to win a Buzz Away Extreme Super Pack which includes an 8oz bottle of Buzz Away Extreme, container of child-friendly towelettes and a $50 Amazon Gift Card.  Plus, Blog Joie de Vivre readers can use the code 10OFFBUZZ to get 10% off any Buzz Away Extreme product at quantumhealth.com. The code is valid through September 30 and can be used once per customer.

ActivESSENCE:  Now that summer is finally here, we can shed our drab winter wardrobes and replace them with our favorite warm weather prints and colors. Since we all treat ourselves to a new fashion wardrobe each season, why shouldn’t we indulge in a refreshed and updated fragrance wardrobe?ActivESSENCEThe full spectrum of colorful scents offered by the collection boast time-released fragrance, suited for lasting all through a sweltering summer day.  These mists allow you to completely revamp your fragrance arsenal while simultaneously providing your skin with essential oils and vitamins A, C, and E, leaving it feeling nourished, hydrated, and supple.  Ah, yet another product that harnesses the power & goodness of essential oils…I’m seeing a pattern here!

smartwater sparkling:  In this extreme heat, I think we can all agree that hydration is key!  My favorite still water brand, smartwater, is always my first choice.  The vapor-distilled bottled water with added electrolytes for a crisp, pure taste is the perfect accomplice for my daily routine. smart water sparklingThe newly launched smartwater sparkling offering is a beverage option that will elevate any dining experience.  Y’all know I love the bubbly, but when you simply cannot ‘Rose All Day,’ this is the perfect alternative for some bubbles in my life 😉