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Well, it’s November 1st.  Halloween is behind us.  The holiday season has begun!  Our family Christmas cards actually arrived from the printer’s last night, marking the occasion perfectly.  I went out around 10 p.m. to bring in the candy bowl and found the box sitting on the porch…my own little trick-or-treat surprise!dsc_3564We recently had the special opportunity to shoot our family holiday photos at Sekrit Theatre located in East Austin.  Our amazing photographer Laura Morsman had the contact & found the location, which is 2-acres of greenhouse, gardens, fountains, and artistic touches at every turn.  dsc_3572-2Although it’s private property and you do need an appt./permission to shoot there, I spoke with the owner at length before our session & he is opening it up as much as he can for photos.  The venue (his home) is his labor of love and called it like a cultural center…holding weddings there is donation-based, for example.
dsc_3602-2It’s sad, really:  due to some city zoning issues & complaints from neighbors, it’ll probably get all torn down and turned into condos soon.  You can read more about the plight of the our community’s “secret theater” here.  Go visit this little Austin gem while it’s still around! dsc_3674-2Today, I’m sharing photos from inside the greenhouse, but more moments from the rest of our shoot will be shared here on the blog & on my Instagram in the coming weeks.  THANK YOU Laura Morsman Photography!!!dsc_3781-2