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Hello and welcome to my blog!  This is a first and exciting venture for me, as I miss writing (ye olde college days!) and always daydreamed about the look & feel of my very own personalized space in the blogosphere.  The vision for “Blog Joie de Vivre” is to be a travel & lifestyle blog, chronicling my international (& share-worthy domestic) travel experiences as well as the beautifully chic everyday moments in life.  Posts will focus on a product, a person, a place, etc. which is positively pretty, subtly striking, keenly enjoyable…anything that contributed to an unabashed feeling of Joie de Vivre, or enthusiasmzestgustorelishenjoyment, and gaiety.  In choosing the overarching theme for my first blog, I chose the French saying Joie de Vivre for a few reasons:

  • I’m obsessed with all things French.  Ah, where do I begin?  Let’s start with my tummy…  French food:  I mean –let’s be serious– they invented the concept of Gourmet.  So gourmet, in fact, that the ultimate French delicacy, black truffles, are worth their weight in gold.  French style:  the idea of Haute Couture was birthed in 1860s Paris, now the home of personal pine-worthy houses of ChanelHermèsVuitton and Yves Saint Laurent.  French cities:  My ultimate travel destination is Paris, the City of Light…oh, how I dream of the day I get to go!  And let’s not forget the French Riviera, dolls.  French culture & history:  the lavish ignorance of Marie Antoinette, saying, “Let them eat cake!” in response to her subjects’ having no bread to eat…the splendor of Versailles…the French Revolution.  The French language.  My goodness, I could go on and on.  French fries:  just kidding!
  • My (tiny bit of) French heritage.  Building on my obsession with all things French, I was determined to dig into my French lineage.  Yes, I’m all retired grandma saying this, but researching your genealogy is like deciphering a treasure map.  Try it out with an online search — you’ll find tons!  Better yet, just chat up to the Grandparentals — love how they’re so full of lore & happy to tell it, right?  Anyway, turns out my ancestor Mr. Caillet was a founder of La Reunion (est. 1855), an intended but ill-fated French socialist utopian colony, in the present-day Reunion District of Dallas, TX.  French philosopher Charles Fourier’s views inspired the founding of La Reunion, which advocated communal production & profit, equal voting rights, right to work & own land, etc.  While this whole socialist-colony concept seems a little cult-y cray cray in our modern view, I was so excited to discover this little known unique facet of my ancestry.  Most importantly, I might add that it solidified my always-known, but never really proved notion that I’m a 5th generation Texan, which I’m so so SO proud to claim.  Also, justifiable that my affection for all things French is because well, of my inherent French-ness?  Doing the math, looks like I’m probably only like 1/16th or 1/36th French…hey, I’ll take it.
  • Joie de Vivre is everything.  Everyone has goals in life, whether it be centered around your career, your physique, your relationships, your education-level, and so on.  Basically, I think they all boil down to –well, mine, anyway– the basic, consistent enjoyment of life.  What’s more, it’s about the joy & enthusiasm for your OWN life, not the life you envy, not the life of a paparazzi’d celeb in US Weekly, not even the life you dream of or aspire for, but your life today, right now, every moment.  Because I’m realizing that’s really all we have.  Look, I know life’s not all hearts & flowers (hello, Fifty Shades reference! teehee) but me personally, I tend to get bogged down by the little things…spilt milk, if you will.  I’m annoyed by that tendency I have, because we really are so privileged.  Basically, I didn’t title this “Blog Joie de Vivre” because I’m so freakin’ overflowing with joy that had to share it with the world, but because I aspire to simply be joyous and let it shine, daily.  And, if that’s just not doable, to simply affirm to myself (and my readers) to stop and smell the wildflowers…just because it makes you smile.  Thus, “Joie de Vivre” (n.) the hearty or carefree enjoyment of life.