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April’s theme is all about sneaking in a little extra energy — to get ya going in the morning, during that afternoon slump, and even at night!  Here are a few products that provide a wonderful little boost:

Morning:  Community Coffee CompanyCommunity Coffee Company private reserve blend review

But first, coffee.  –OF COURSE this would be the first on my list!  As the largest family-owned coffee company in the U.S., Community coffee has an indulgent scent & rich depth of flavor.  From the bold and slightly fruity flavor of the Louisiana Blend to the earthy aroma of Sumatra, Community’s Private Reserve coffee line is made from 100% specialty-grade Arabica beans and reflects the company’s strong relationships with farmers worldwide.

Afternoon:  il Morso Morso chocolates pic

Called ‘Coffee as a Bar,’ il Morso is delicious little afternoon treat and a new alternative to your afternoon coffee or energy drink.  Small enough to carry in a purse or pocket, these little bite-size wonders are super convenient, too.  Basically, they are an all-natural energy food that’s revolutionizing the art of grabbing coffee on-the-go with every one of their 100% organic, fair trade Coffee Bars!  Boasting only 1 g of sugar & 15-25 calories per serving, they are made with organic whole food ingredients that provide just enough boost to help finish the day strong. With flavors like Matcha Green Tea (7 MG caffeine), Mocha (14 MG), Americano (18 MG), or basic Coffee & Cream (16 MG), you can enjoy a dose-able energy kick that’s easy to estimate for any body type.

Night:  Pure Energy Night Cream by Junetics Junetics pic

OK, so this last energizing trick isn’t just for nighttime…there’s a whole regimen with products for both day & night.  Junetics is a new energy-powered skincare line recently hitting the market & I tried out their Pure Energy System with great results!

Their formulas are powered by what they call the “E24 Complex” – a revolutionary combination of Gluco-E, Plant Stem Cells, Copper and Amino Acids, Hyaluronic Acid and Silicium – creating a system of skincare that works non-stop to boost cellular energy and cell-to-cell communication, which works to refine and strengthen the skin.  After 7 days of using the Pure Energy System, users reported more hydrated, luminous, & smoother skin.  After 28 days:  less lines & wrinkles, more youthful & healthier skin overall.