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Welcome to the middle of my 60-Day Love Your Skin Challenge…I am happy to report I am seeing improvement! The area that is showing up most significantly are in the acne scars along my cheeks. To illustrate it best, I tried to take a pic that’s back-lit and from the side to show off the texture. Subtle improvement, but the results are something I’ve never been able to achieve through any facial or topical cream, prescription or otherwise. Very excited to continue ‘rolling’ as I think the surface texture of my skin will continue to even out. No difference in fine lines yet, but honestly wrinkles are the least of my skin-specific worries.Acne Scars, one month inThe little roller has been a bit of an adventure to use. I mean, there ARE ACTUAL NEEDLES that you’re rolling across your face! The sensation kind of surprised me at first, but I quickly got used to the feeling and now look forward to ‘rolling’ at night. You move in up/down and side-to-side motions and the process only takes one minute to cover the entire face. It needs to be rinsed with warm water after each use and submerged into an effervescent tablet solution (just like dentures, teehee!) twice a week.Active Hydration SerumRegarding the Active Hydration Serum (pictured above), it has been a process getting my skin used to that level of moisture. As first, my skin felt sticky after each application. It was as if the skin was absorbing it very slowly. The product never sat on my skin and looked greasy, though (which has happened before with over-the-counter night creams). After a month of use, the clear serum formula is absorbed right away – as if my skin recalibrated & now accepts the product very well. I’m really enjoying the consistency of the lightweight formula – no residue on my fingers and my skin drinks it right up. I shouldn’t call it ‘lightweight’ though, because the product is actually quite an intense moisturizer! Plus, the cool applicator tool distributes the exact right amount for each use. My internal image of skin “dullness” is gone and the pesky flaky patches have vanished.  ~More updates in another month! 🙂